The Reviews written by Ms Ewak’s Students

Seven Ways Music Influences Mood

review 1

The article from PsyBlog was about music and its connections with our mood. Two scientists wanted to show how music influences us. They decided to interview a small group of people to get to know how music affects their emotions and memories. Then, they created a list which was including ways of music control. There were points like entertainment, revival, strong sensation, diversion, mental work and solace. These seven strategies aim for two goals – controlling and improving mood. The fascinating thing about music, which makes it even more beautiful, is the fact that songs we listen to can realize more than one goal at a time. For example, uplifting music can both divert, entertain and revive. Melancholic, moving music can provide solace, encourage mental work and discharge emotions. Scientists have shown that music is strongly connected with human psyche and it can change our mood. Of course, it has the bright side and also the dark one. Music can give as a lot of positive energy, it can bring back wonderful memories but it can also increase some negative feelings and mental states.

Personally, I can agree with the conclusions of that article. It’s not hard to admit that music affects us all the time. I can see how listening to the radio or my favourite pieces of music can change my feelings. Thanks to it I have an occasion to develop or understand them, which is one of the most amazing processes of personal growth.

review 2

I think that the text tells facts because I can associate it with a high level. Music also affects my everyday mood and I usually listen to it for long hours, especially when I’m learning or when I’m going to bed. While doing homework or writing essays it helps me concentrate on the topic and makes me enjoy the topic. There are the days, mostly in quarantine, when I listen to music for even nine hours and sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to this habit. I agree that music text and lyrics make me so astonished that I listen to it ten times in a row, like “Cinnamon” by Lor and “Heather” by Conan Gray. I also listen to music when I’m in a bad mood or when I feel sad, it distracts bad thoughts and makes me pay attention to the text, I even make playlists on Spotify for different kinds of mood and for different times of the day. Music also makes me think about ridiculous, unusual and philosophical topics which are very interesting to think about. My music taste is very private to me, because of feelings the songs show which I do not share because of my introverted lifestyle. So if I’m sharing my playlist or song with someone, I feel really awkward and sometimes ashamed. I feel this article tells the truth because I can see it myself.


Is plastic the Bad Apple?

The review of the article from English Matters magazine

Plastic is definitely one of the most popular materials which we use every day. We can’t even imagine living without it. Unfortunately, this invention has become more dangerous to the whole world than we have ever supposed.

This material is a lightweight, tough, durable, waterproof and cheap to make, so that’s why we use it in every area of our life. We can use plastic to make practically everything, from bottles to furniture or even cars. We start to treat it as a part of normal life, forgetting at the same time about some defects of this material. For a long time people haven’t been aware of the fact that most of plastic waste goes to sea or oceans. We also didn’t care about how long it needs to be totally damaged and how huge danger it creates to marine animals. We need to remember that garbage is bad also for humans. It gradually damages the Earth and also it is harmful to people, because by eating fish which had had contact with this toxic material we also eat plastic. Luckily people and governments finally saw the problem with rubbish swimming in oceans and rubbish islands and took some actions. More and more often we can get a paper bag instead of plastic one, or we need to pay for it. We also try to recycle as much waste as it’s possible.

So, in general plastic is dangerous only if we can’t use it correctly. It’s obvious that we can’t live without using this material, but we have so many ways to stop this harmful effect of using it on a massive scale. And if we want to help the world, we need to be aware of it.


Plastic ocean

review 1

An article was a short review of a documentary titled “A Plastic Ocean” which is available on different streaming platforms such as Netflix. The article and the film show how dangerous is plastic is and how it can ruin the environment and then the whole world.

The documentary was created by two people – a journalist and an activist, who were travelling to discover how much garbage is swimming in the oceans. The results were devastating and painful. In the oceans there is so much rubbish like plastic bags or bottles, which can even kill water animals. The main aim of the documentary was to show how people have already devastated our planet and what we should do to stop this dangerous process. We got some examples watching the film or reading the article based on that movie.

Personally I think, that people are obligated to help the environment and do everything to be eco-friendly. The article was really interesting, and I guess that the original documentary is very touching and it can give us a lot of topics to think about.

review 2

We produce a staggering amount of plastic. In terms of plastic bags alone, we use five hundred billion bottles worldwide annually. Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year, and at least 8 million of those are dumped into the oceans. Plastic is a huge problem nowadays. It is danger not only to people but also to animals, especially those who live in water. This is what the film called “The plastic ocean” tells us, the film shows the life of sea animals surrounded by plastic and garbage. Many animals mistake them for food every day they eat it and die.  Toxic waste pollutes the water, and makes the water the environment unsuitable for life. That is why we should reduce plastic waste and segregate waste or recycle it. We need to protect the earth and make sure that every animal will be safe


Graffiti is it art or vandalism?

review 1

After reading the article „the history of graffiti” I state that graffiti can be art on one hand and a crime on the other. In some countries or cities it is culture as entire cities were once in graffiti, for example, in Ancient Greece. Once people created beautiful graffiti in caves. It was both a way of spending time together and having fun and also, leaving the story behind. However, it can be fun only if you don’t damage someone’s property, without profanity or offending others. People who create graffiti, in my opinion, are artists. In my city, you can often find huge graffiti that is really beautiful, decorates the entire area and gives the city colour. These are complex works, using templates and developers must devote a lot of time to this. However, you can often find senseless signatures on apartment blocks, which destroy someone’s property, I don’t like it anymore. Unfortunately, they appear very often. There are many talented graffiti artists known around the world, for example Banksy, the most mysterious graffiti artist in the world. His works on easels are sold at auction at Sotheby’s, although his identity is still unknown.

review 2

In my opinion graffiti is a very interesting form of art. However, I don’t consider graffiti as art if it was made on a wall or a building to destroy them because I don’t want to support vandalism. But now a lot of cities all over the world try to use the graffiti as a friendly way to make them look prettier. I think that Bielsko shows it the best. We have a lot of beautiful paintings on the walls of the buildings. Each of them is special and wonderful and tells us about something completely different. Some of them are connected with history of our country or city, some with the place, where they were painted and some are just imagination of the artist. And that’s amazing how people can show their ideas and emotions using only different colours of spray paint and sometimes some stencils. Of course, we should remember that graffiti is not only a big painting on the wall; it also can also be a painting on canvas or something similar. That smaller masterpiece is as creative and beautiful as the  bigger one.

To sum up, I think that graffiti can be both pretty and ugly, and that depends only on the intentions of the painter. But more and more often I can see it as a genius work of art which sometimes can even arouse my emotions.

review 3

Graffiti is it art or vandalism? I think, that it all depends on the point of view. I have always loved beautiful murals, but they differ from spraying the name of your favourite sports club on a random building. In a board sense it is also art, but the point is that everyone has their own sense of aesthetics and it’s forbidden to violate it in public places. But I don’t want to focus on law right now. In my opinion, all graffiti is art, even if it’s just a mere scribble for its performer. I am not able to decide in what moment graffiti should be considered vandalism. I think that it would be a good idea to mark several places in each city, for example walls specially built for this purpose, so that artists can create graffiti there. Anyway, I understand people who get angry at graffiti artists doing their art in unmarked places. Personally, it doesn’t bother me.

review 4

People have different opinions about graffiti. For some it is vandalism and for others it is art. For me it depends on how graffiti is presented. If it is a beautiful, colourful mural or street art I think they can decorate the walls of buildings, but if they are vulgar words or ugly drawings then it is vandalism and such people should be punished for things that have been written or drawn. Graffiti is a way of expressing feelings or it can be a way of message to an important person for us. For me, graffiti should be drawn by a person who knows how to do it, who presents the thing he wants to draw in a colourful and friendly way. In each city you can find colourful drawings on the walls. In Bielsko we can see Mother Nature or a nutcracker. The streets of the city become more colourful.


Coffee – interesting facts

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It’s prepared from roasted seeds, called coffee beans. Main types of commercially produced coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta and Liberia. Because of caffeine content, coffee has stimulating effects on humans.

From the Muslim world, coffee spread to Italy, then to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia  and to Americas. Now coffee is an important export commodity.

First coffee was used for religion reasons. 1 000 years ago, Muslim monks were cultivating shrubs in their garden. This beverage was used during religions ceremonies.

Coffee has played an important role in people’s life. In some counties where wine was forbidden, coffee was drink instead of wine. As a result, Ethiopian Church banned coffee consumption until the reign of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia. It was banned in Turkey in 17th century because of political reasons. Now, coffee prohibition can be found in the Church of Jesus Christ in Latter-day Saints, because church members think that coffee is unhealthy.

There are two likely stories of coffee being discovered. The first is a legend about  a sheepherder who saw that his sheep are more active. He realized that they had eaten a type of berry of a plant. The sheepherder tried them himself and felt the same effect. The rumour was that later a monk told him to be careful because it was a devil’s fruit and another rumour was that monks used coffee to stay awake and pray.

Other history is about Arabian who was banished to the desert and to survive he had to eat every plant he found so he ate coffee beans. The residents of the town believed his survival was a religious sign and Arabian could come back. That plant was named Mocha after that town.


A sound mind in a sound body – healthy habits

We have all heard that having healthy habits such as eating well or staying active is really important. So in this article, we will profile healthy habits that you should consider adding to your life. You don’t have to do all of these, but feel free to review this list and find the ones that best fit your personal situation. First, let’s start with a quick definition. A healthy habit is any activity or behaviour that can benefit your physical, mental, or emotional well-being. At first, these small changes might not seem that effective. But when put together, dozens of these tiny habits can help you create a framework for a healthy life. It is important to remember that healthy habits can be created in stages. What might be an unhealthy habit for one person today may be a healthy habit for someone else.

Physical Activity (Fitness)

Getting physical activity benefits both your body and your mind. It helps keep your weight in control, fights off chronic diseases, reduces stress, improves your mood, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Getting physical activity does not have to involve hours at the gym. Instead, there are many ways that you can make small changes throughout the day to make your life less sedentary and get your body moving. e.g. Housework, 30 minute morning walk, dance, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Forgiveness (Healthy Lifestyle) It all starts in your head so when you are consciously able to let something go, even without an apology, it reduces your anger, stress, and tension. The physical burden of a feeling hurt, takes a toll on the body so being able to release those negative feelings and replace them with positivity is a healthy habit. You should forgive but don’t be too forgiving. If you want a positive change don’t go to sleep angry, remember why you love people and observe but don’t judge actions of other people.

Adequate Sleep (Healthy Living)

Sleep plays a very important role in maintaining general well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough deep sleep at night can help protect your mental and physical health, your overall quality of life, and your safety. How you feel while you’re awake is greatly dependent on the quality of sleep you are getting at night. While you are sleeping, your body is replenishing itself to support healthy brain function and optimize your physical health. You should avoid coffee in the afternoon, be consistent in your sleep schedule, quit smoking and visualize and have happy thoughts.

Try Something New (Healthy Lifestyle) Everyone gets into a typical routine where they do the same thing pretty much every day. However, there are many ways to mix up your schedule a bit so you can try new things. Changing your routine will help you challenge yourself and learn new things. You can learn new language, eat in a new restaurant, try different sports or simply read books.


How to defuse an argument

review 1 – a girl’s viewpoint

“Try giving the person a smile first” – this is one of the best pieces of advice for me in the last article I have read. The article I would like to review is about how to defuse an argument. The whole text contains three methods for a conversation instead of tiring quarrel.

The first way is to calm yourself down. The author writes that we cannot forget to breathe deeply. Taking some fresh air and going for a short walk even to the bathroom can bring you a new viewpoint or simply a little break time.

The second method to avoid or ease an argument is just to turn the argument into a conversation. Is this generally possible? YES, you simply have to listen to each other. It isn’t easy at all, you must learn it and be very patient with that. The next step is to ask open-ended question, not just the yes-no ones, because they’re very limiting for both of you.

And last but not least is to calm the other person down. You can easily do it with your voice, body language or even smile, but then do not forget to specify the importance of this clash, laughing is not always suitable. A good thing is to look for compromises too, something that you can agree on. Then your conversationalist feels that you care about his or her feelings and opinions.

What the article says is that every situation has a few options. Although I’m a really quarrelsome person, I’m glad that I decided to read this one and I hope I’ll learn to use some tips in daily life.

review 2 – a boy’s viewpoint

This article on wikiHow gives us some tips on how to defuse the argument during the discussion. In my opinion – they are mostly useless. They have presented us 3 methods. The first one is calming down. In the beginning what they propose to us is to breathe deeply, but when you’re in strong emotions I guess the last thing you’re thinking of is breathing as deeply as possible. The second tip in this method is excusing ourselves from the discussion. That’s how we’re supposed to win an argument – running away from it when we have no counterargument, wouldn’t it be better just admitting that we’re wrong and the person we’re arguing with is right? Let’s go further. “Think about the bigger picture”. That’s what they tell us to do. They advise, that when we’re arguing with the loved one, we should remember how important this person is to us and that we don’t want to lose him or her. First things first, when you’re arguing your point is to show that you are right, not to make your relationship better, and last but not least, if someone you’re arguing with loves you, they won’t leave you after an argument that covers tomorrow’s dinner. They also advise turning the argument into a discussion by for example asking open-ended questions. But in which moment during an argument am I supposed to turn it into a discussion? The last method is calming the person down. How are we supposed to calm down an enraged person? I guess they would say to leave them alone. From my point of view, most of those tips are completely useless. To use them you should keep them in mind all the time, and you are not sure if they are going to work on every person you have ever met in your life. I think that when you’re arguing with someone you should be focused on the topic of the argument, not on avoiding it, turning it into the conversation or escaping from it for example by going to the bathroom. I do not recommend this article to anybody who wants to know how to win an argument.

review 3 – a girl’s viewpoint

Lately I have read an article about how to defuse an argument. I found it really interesting even though I’m not a type of person who likes arguing. When I’m mad at someone I just don’t talk with that person to prevent myself from arguing. Still I think it is good to know how to defuse an argument. In the beginning it gives us ideas of how to calm down during an argument. For example to breathe deeply, take a break from it also to think about your emotions when you are alone and then when we are calmed down we should go back to the conversation. Later it shows us how to turn an argument into a conversation- ask open-ended questions, listen to the other person without interrupting and also be honest about emotions you feel. At the end it tells us how to calm down the other person – try to keep your tone of voice even and calm, don’t shout and smile or keep a neutral expression also find something you both agree on, be willing to compromise and try to use humor to lighten the mood. As you can see it gives as a lot of ideas how to defuse an argument, but still we should try our best to avoid arguments. In my opinion an argument takes a lot of our energy and it makes us stressed about things that are not worth it. Still I recommend reading it. 🙂


Top 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

The subject of music is very close to me. It has always been present in my home and I do absolutely everything listening to music. I’m not the kind of person who could get annoyed because of the song, but it can happen in certain circumstances.

I’m talking about situations in which I listen to one song over and over again and because of it after a while I have enough of it. Examples of such songs can be The Bravery’s ,,Believe” or ,,Real Slim Shady” by Eminem, but fortunately, over time, the feeling that I’m sick of the song passes by.

Speaking of the ranking of annoying songs from the link, I am really surprised that people even put in effort into creating such sites. I looked through the ranking and noticed that there are many songs that I liked in my childhood very much and I also love them now, because they bring back childhood memories. The songs  like ,,Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, ,,Barbie Girl” by Aqua, ,,Tik Tok” by Ke$ha”, Willow Smith’s ,,Whip My Hair” bring back childhood memories and much more. The only songs I don’t like in this ranking is ,,Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj (her voice is not really pleasing for me) and ,,Axel F” by Crazy Frog because I think that the animated frog in the music video is scary. It’s just hard to explain, I think that it can be best explained by quoting one of the comments about this song ,,SO Annoying it will turn you into a psychopath on second listen.”

To sum up, I think every person has own taste for music. Some people are picky and listen only to a specific genre, but I listen to what I think has something special and characteristic. This ranking reminded me of many songs that I haven’t listened to for years, so maybe I’ll come back to one!


World Water Day

World Water Day, 22 March, draws attention to the essential role of water in our lives, the difficulties people face in getting it and solutions to these problems. Water is vital. Every living cell needs water to function. Without water there’s no life. In normal conditions, the human body can only survive three or four days without water. People need water to stay alive, yet there are billions of people who don’t have access to drinking water.

The first World Water Day was celebrated in 1993. At first it was proposed at the United Nations conference on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and has been celebrated annually on 22 March since then. Each year has a different goal like looking for ways how to stop wasting water or looking for methods how to supply water to people who don’t have it. As I have said earlier water is fundamental. Water is also necessary to keep hygiene. Safe water was recognized as a human right in 2010. But still there are at least 2,1 billion people around the world who live without clean water. It is estimated that more than 700 children under the age of seven die every day from illnesses linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation. That should awake us. People who don’t have water spend all days long looking for water. That means that they don’t have time to work, study or do any other duties. You can help all the time by using one of many charities that are created to help people poor have access to ­­­­water.


Why do highly sensitive people absorb other people’s emotions?

The article was written by a psychologist who struggled with absorbing her clients worries. She’s one of the HSP, which means highly sensitive people. Those kinds of individuals tend to relive people’s feelings rather than only notice them. Of course most of the times that trait is very helpful and useful as long as you not overuse it or can simply „switch it off”. If you have problem with controlling it, it usually leads to emotional exhaustion. That’s one of the biggest reasons why therapist or other caregivers burn out so quickly. Even if you’re not a professional some of you may experience something similar with your friends or the loved ones.

In the second part of the article  therapist explains what are mirror neurons and how they work. In a nutshell mirror neurons are special brain cells that help you understand what another person is experiencing. They work by comparing other people’s behaviour with your own. We recognize someone’s pain or joy and relate to it. That’s why it’s called mirroring. It’s also the reason yawning and laughter are so contagious. HSPs don’t necessarily have more mirror neurons than others, rather, their mirror neuron systems are more active. A few years ago, brain imaging research found that the brains of HSPs are wired somewhat differently than the rest of people.

The first time the woman started working as a therapist she felt constantly drained and disheartened. Thought of her client’s problems was making her anxious or stressed. One day her friend pointed out that she needed to take care of herself as well. Prioritizing psychical self-care is the most important step for HSP. If you want to help somebody else, firstly you need to take care of your psyche. Empathy can put you in another people’s shoes, but you need to remember that their emotions need to be entirely their own.

I really enjoyed reading this article. It opened my eyes on the self-care subject and how important is your own psychological well-being. As a person who felt that listening and helping other was my duty, reading psychologist’s opinion on that comforted me in some kind of ways. The only thing that’s left for me is to work on setting my boundaries to not get swallowed by other people’s emotions.


Advantages of smiling

The article which I read was written by Megan Bailey. It’s about advantages of smiling. In the article she wrote that smile is the most powerful thing the world shares. She thinks that smile will always be understood no matter who are we smiling to. Smile represents goodwill, affection and openness towards others. Smile connect and encompasses us all and it helps us communicate. By smiling we make people around us feel good, happy and loved. Also smiling improves your mood, it makes you feel better and it helps you to overcome bad emotions such as feeling down, lonely or depressed. Smiling lets your brain release feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin. Those hormones helps you to reduce stress. Other advantages of smiling include living longer, reducing aggression and having stronger immune system. She also talks about TED Talk by Ron Gutman in which he discusses the hidden powers if smiles. He told that one single smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as 2000 chocolate bars. Different study from Penn State University prove that when we smile others see us as more likeable, polite. Also people who smiled the most lived happier lives, happier marriages and they lived longer. Megan mentions about World Smile Day which is celebrated on the first Friday of October. Harvey Ball came out with idea of this holiday. It was created with the goal that the world should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts. We should smile more to people even strangers we come across in everyday life, because it might help them. So smile as often as you can. I really liked this article and I found this topic interesting.


In your dream

– Reports of dream

The article begins with a description of a dream about a woman in the ocean. She swims and suddenly noticed two killer whales which swim away after a while. This dream repeats as many other strange dreams.

In people’s dreams some specific elements are the same like in real life.

– History of dream research

In the past people started thinking about the function and meaning of dreams. In the ancient times Aristotele and Plato developed the hypothesis that dreams are our unconscious desires.

In 1953 Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman discovered the phenomenon of (REM) rapid eye movement according to it, when our eye moves during sleeping we remember a dream better. This helped develop a theory that brain is active during our sleep.

A few years later Michael Jouvet called REM “paradoxical sleep” because our brain is active but our body is paralyzed. But when our brain is less active it is a “quiet sleep”.

Later Wiliam Dement developed the theory that lack of dreaming can consequently lead to anxiety and irritability. It means that dreaming is really important

– Why do we dream?

There is no clear answer why we dream. Some researchers think that we do it for psychological reasons and others that dream are important for our emotional health.

According to Jim Paget dreaming supports the theory why we spend a third of our lives sleeping. We should be happy with what our brain offers to us every night.


Is listening to music good for your health?

I have chosen an article from magazine Time, which is entitled: „Is listening to music good for your health?”. I decided to read this article, because I think that this topic is very interesting and I wanted to check why our mood and emotions depend on music we listen to.

A lot of scientific studies have shown that music affect our well-being and overall health. Music can make us happy or sad, but it can also lower our levels of stress or even it can improve sleep quality, blood flow and patients outcomes. For example music which sounds calm and warm activates kind of brain structures associated with positive mood. Some scientists compare music with meditation. But music can also make us sad, stressed or even terrified. To see this we only have to turn on for example soundtracks which create background for main plot of the film. For horror movies music will be scaring, but for drama it will be rather upsetting. In some situations also our behavior depends on music we listen to. It can give us negative, unhealthy emotions and mental states. It happens, because the rhythm can modulate heart rates and affect neural networks in our brain. But we need to remember that music is subjective and for one person one kind of music can be full of aggression and for other person it is the most relaxing way for stress relief.

What is very interesting music hasn’t got any special center in the brain but it activates almost every region of it. Music is also really helpful because we can use it in music therapy  to cure patient with mental problems.

I enjoyed reading this article a lot and now I am sure that music helps us a lot with our problems and it makes we can fell so much better.


Teen Sports and Mental Health

I have read the article about how sports influences our health. Not physical health, but the other one – mental one. And now I can really ensure you that mental health is as important as physical health or maybe even more important. I found this text on Newport Academy’s page and after 3 seconds, I knew that this is, what I was looking for.

The first headline and the first part is about the impact of school sport on teens’ mental health. I discovered that I was totally wrong. I thought that we have sport in school because it was always like this. In the article the author explains that there was a research and they found out that the youth who were involved in school sports had better mental health assessments, compared with those who didn’t play sports at all. Additionally, the study found that playing school sports leads to lower depression symptoms, lower perceived stress, and better self-evaluation. Playing school sports from the age of 2 to 17 protects young people from poor mental health for years later. Also team sports give you social support and you can learn cooperation.

The next part tells us what happens when we exercise. There are plenty of reasons why exercise is helpful for mental health. For example: sport increases the level of serotonin – the hormone of happiness, level of cortisol – stress hormone, goes down during exercises and the important one: physical activities during the day help to sleep better at night.

At the end, we can find information that sport is as effective as antidepressants and when you exercise o a regular basis it can be more effective than medicaments. Sport is excellent in a battle with depression, anxiety and addictions. Evidence shows that exercise can be used as an alternative reward for the body and brain. As a result, staying sober is easier.

But there are some side effects of sport. You have to be careful and don’t overdo being regular, 3 to 5 trainings are sufficient. Also steroids are a very dangerous thing as they can lead to death. It’s better to look for natural alternatives, such as yoga, meditation, coping skills, and support groups. I find this text very interesting and helpful.


Most controversial trends on the Internet

It’s about 10 most controversial trends on the Internet, which are also very dangerous in most cases.  Why did I choose these article? Well, it has the topic that is close to my interests, which is technology and I also found it important, because we use the Internet a lot and I think that you haven’t know most of this things like me before I read it.

First thing I want you to know is cyberbullying. While traditional bullying typically occurs face to face, cyberbullying not. It can be name-calling, humiliating photos and posts and insulting status updates on social media. By the way, if you see something like that, just report it. Why? Because, more than 10 teenagers have already committed suicide because of stuff like that.

Next one is cyberstalking, which causes the „Catfishing”. Cyberstalking is just like normal stalking but online, but with time it evolved to „Catfising”. It’s a new method that criminals and paedophiles use to catch victims. It’s all about pretending someone else online – in most cases younger. If someone like that texts you, just block and report him.

The third thing that can be useful for you is „Unprofessional” Social Media Behaviour. If you are looking for a job or want to keep it you must be careful about what you’re writing on the Internet. Employers will often do research on google or facebook. So, my advice is – better watch out, what you are typing under your friend’s photo.

The last thing is Internet Addiction. The condition comes in many forms, including addiction to social media, pornography, video gaming, youtube watching and even selfie posting. For example in China, Internet addiction become such a big problem that they made over 400 military boot camps and rehabilitation centres for internet addicts .

I found the article educational. There are 6 more things that you can read about so enjoy reading it at home.


Parrots’ behaviour and training

I have read an article about parrot’s behaviours and training them. So this article says that there’s a lot of misinformation about animals’ behaviour and training in general, but even more so for parrots specifically. Many people believe that parrots bite, scream, destroy furniture, only like one person, refuse to eat certain foods or play with certain toys because they are wild animals and cannot help it, or because they are mean or lazy or dominant. But the truth is that parrots behave the way they do because at some point in their lives they learned that it works, and it keeps on working. Alternately, they don’t behave in other ways that we want them to because they never learned how to do so. If somebody wants to be a good caregiver, they must accept that this is their responsibility to train parrot to live successfully in our environment, just as it is a dog person’s responsibility to train their dog not to bark all the time, bite, jump on people or chew the furniture. So what’s the most important about parrot’s training? A successful training is a two-way conversation, rather than a one-way. For person to have a meaningful and productive conversations with their bird, they need to be able to understand what their bird is telling them in addition to being able to successfully make themselves understood to their bird. This means being able to read bird’s body language. There are many theories about how to train animals, but those which incorporate force or dominance, even though they may be effective, they can cause a mental or emotional damage to parrot. The best thing trainer can do, is to sacrifice a lot of patience and attention to a parrot, and never force it to do something, because when parrots are forced, they may easily lost most of their trust to owner. For example, when bird wants to sit on our shoulder, it will. If somebody sees, that a parrot clearly doesn’t want us to pick it up the best thing a person can do is to just stop, because maybe a bird doesn’t have enough trust yet. So in my opinion, this article could be a little bit longer, but it’s good enough especially for a „beginner” who’s just got a parrot, or plans doing so.


Columbine high school massacre

I have read the article about Massacre that happened in one of Littleton high schools- Columbine High School. Some of you may know the story the article is about, but I find it really interesting to talk about and I think everyone should know about things that happened on that one day.

On April 20, 1999 two teenagers- Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris opened fire in Columbine high school. They shot 13 people 12 of them weren’t even 18 that day, one victim was a teacher and they wounded more than 20. The main goal of the killers was to kill hundreds of people by detonation of explosives, but thankfully it didn’t happened.

Eric and Dylan were planning it for a long time before it really happened. They were Gathering weapons and explosives at their house. Dad of Eric suspected his son was planning something bad but he didn’t know it was so serious. when the police called him when the massacre was happening, he told them that his son may be executor of it, but it was too late to help.

The main plan of two executors was to kill as many people as they could. They planted bombs on the floor above the school canteen to detonate them on a long break, because they knew that there would be lots of students eating their lunch in the canteen. Fortunately, bombs didn’t explode, but they were ready for it. They took guns with them, to kill many people in case of failure. Finally, the killers committed suicide. Their victims were chosen randomly.

The massacre changed a lot of things in US schools. Schools started to put more pressure on preventing school violence, now there is more control of what students are bringing into school, and more psychological support for people that may have personal problems or with other people.


Skin care tips for winter.

I’ve read an article on page called „gettinenglish”. I’ve chosen that article because it is about our skincare during winter season. It seems to be an interesting text for me because my skin always gets drier and drier when it is cold. I like reading about beauty treatments and how to care about our skin, especially in winter. So that’s why I clicked on that page. From the article we know that when it is cold our lips are chapped and we should use a lipstick with natural ingredients such as aloe vera. We should use a hand cream too. They also advice to wear gloves to protect our hands from the freezing. The text says how to care about our body after having a bath. The most important thing is that oil based moisturizers work better than their water-based counterparts in aiding the skin remain damp and retain moisture. I really recommend that article if you are into protecting our skin during winter season.


Why the fires in Australia are so bad?

I read an article about fires in Australia. This is one of the worst fire seasons in history. Over 15 people were killed, hundreds of thousands people, hundreds of thousands homes destroyed and millions of acres burned. People had to evacuate to the coast. Hot and dry conditions increased the fire. The average temperature is 41.9 degrees. Tens of thousands firefighters work 12 hours a day to put out the fire. Most of them are volunteers. During these fires many animals die and people try to save them. There are many photos, films and other articles about the effects of these fires on the internet. I think this is awful and people should think about taking care of our planet. Australian fires have shown the terrible effects of global warming on people and the environment.


“Three men in a boat (but nothing of the dog)”

To my mind, the novel “Three men in a boat (but nothing of the dog)” is a very funny, comical and nice book for everyone. The stories in this novel about three hypochondriacs gentleman are full of  droll conversations and anecdotes which can be read by everyone at any age.

I was reading this short book with big pleasure and with a smile on my face. I choose this book, because I have it in my little library at home and this is my parents favorite novel. They recommended it to me. I think that I can do the same.


„Oliver Twist”

I have chosen the book „Oliver Twist”. It is a novel written by Charles Dickens who was a popular English writer.

The story is about a little boy, called Oliver Twist who was an orphan because his mother died during his birth and his father died before his birth. Oliver was living in a workhouse. He had to work very hard every day. The boy decided to leave the house and move to London. He was walking seven days without food. Then in a small village he met some guy, who offered him help. He took Oliver to the house of Artful’s friend called Fagin. Unfortunately, new Olivier’s friends were thieves. They wanted him to be one of them. After a few days he was kidnapped by the thieves. They wanted him to break into the house owned by a rich woman. During this robbery, Oliver broke his arm and the others run away. They left him alone. Oliver found help in the house which he planned to rob. The elderly woman and her stepdaughter Rose gave him a hand. He was happy again. One day Rose felt bad, so he went to the city for the medicine. He met there a guy who terrified him. When Rose felt better, Oliver told her about the stranger. They decided go to the doctor and get some solution for the problem. The doctor made the guy tell the truth why he hated Oliver. Then the moment of the truth came. The strange man was the stepbrother of Oliver. He didn’t want to share his father’s money. Rose was the sister of Oliver’s mother.

Everything has changed for Oliver. He found a new family and went abroad with them, where they started a new life.

I would recommend the book in spite of the fact that it was a sad story. It shows cruelty of the adults towards the orphans.


„Breakfast at Tiffany’s”  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s written by Truman Capote is called the most romantic book ever written. The action is set in New York in the 1960s. The main character of the novel is Holly Golightly, a very independent woman with an amazing personality. Her beauty attracts people’s attention so she is often invited by rich men to attend as a company and gets the money for it. In free time or when she is sad she goes to buy jewellery from Tiffany’s shop. The second character is the novice writer – John, who lives next door with Holly, his poems are really good, but unfortunately, he is very lazy, that is the reason why he agrees for the sponsorship proposal. Unexpectedly, the two characters fall in love with each other, and their life is changing.


„David Copperfield”

The book I’ve read is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. It is a novel of manners.
The book tells the story of the boy whose life was difficult from the beginning.
His dad died six months before he was born. He had an aunt Peggoty. His mother started dating Mr Murdstone. He decided that Dawid would learn in their house. When the boy did something wrong, Mr Murdstone locked him in a room for 5 days. His mother was crying a lot. Pegotty took him to school away from his town. Mr. Murdstone told the headtecher that Dawid bit a boy, which wasn’t true. In march his mother and brother died. Mr. Murdstone decided that Dawid would go to work. The man he worked for went to prison for financial fraud. He started working for another man and he fell in love with his daughter.

I recommend the book because it is a really interesting story and if you want to know how it ends then you shoud read it.



One summer holiday a poor history student – Paul gets a job at Respom Museum. The museum gets the necklace, which is worth hundred thousand pounds, from a wealthy family.

One day the necklace is stolen by somebody. The police start the investigation. One of the suspects is Paul because nobody knows him. He decides to find a real thief. Otherwise he will go to prison. He starts carrying out his own investigation.

He notices that under one display the wooden pieces were broken. Paul knows that the thief must be one of the workers and probably he has broken the wooden platform and maybe the necklace is there. He told other workers that he must move all the exhibits to repair the platform. He does it on purpose because he knows that the thief will come back.

Paul dresses up as a policeman and he hides on a different display and waits for the thief.

After some time he hears somebody. He recognizes a museum worker called Derek. When Derek sees Paul he tries to explain why he wanted to steal this necklace.

He says that he’s done it for somebody else and then they hear a gun shot. A hooded person starts chasing them but Paul manages to call the police. The police arrive after a few minutes and catch the hooded person.

I won’t tell you who and why wanted to steal this necklace you must read this book. I really like this book because it is full of action and mysteries.

Recently I’ve read a book „The lost word” by Sir Conan Doyle. The book is about a quy who wants to impress a girl and they go on a long journey. A professor organizes this journey because he is looking for a dinosaur. During the journey they have a lot of adventures.

Firstlly they meet the family of iguanodons and they are still looking for other dinosaurs. After this they discover that the iguanodons family is dead.  They know that there must be some dangerous dinosaur. They are terryfied of this situation, they go out of the camp to explore a cave. In the cave the explorers find billions of dinosaurs. At the end of the journey the catch a ptherodactyl. An the end of the book ptherodactyl escapes in London through an open window. Sadly, the guy doesn’t impress the girl.

„The lost word” is an adventure story. It’s very suspenseful beause you don’t know how it will finish till the very end of the story. It is a good book because it’s easy to read and it’s a great book to read before sleep.


I read a book „The speckled band” by Artur Conan Doyle. It is a crime story. The main character is the great detective Sherlock Holmes. His helper, or we could say deuteragonist is Doctor Watson. In this story, the detectives are trying to solve the case of a murder. The murdured person was Julia Stoner, a young woman. Her last words were „The speckled band”. Several years later Helena, Julia’s sister, comes to Holmes and asks for help. Helena is about to get married, and Julia died right before her wedding. She claims that she hears the same sounds that Julia heard before her death. Holmes and Watson agree to help her. They investigate Helena’s family house. The conclude that Julia was murdured and decide to set a trap for a perpetrator. In the end the perpetrator receives the punishment adequate for his crime. His life is over and he is to blame. I really like this book because the story is interesting and mysterious. Holmes is a well-written character and we wish him well. The bad character is wicked and nightmarish. Suspense increases,a  reader can not wait for the end. A few books have interesting adventures. I recommend this book to everyone who likes detective stories and a gripping plot. The story hasn’t got any cliffhangers. „The speckled band” is a short story, but unforgettable, forever. I hope you will read this book and enjoy it.



The book I have chosen is „Christmas carol”. It’s a short story written by Charles Dickens, I think he is one of the most popular British writers of all time.

This book tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his internal transformation. We can get to know our main character as a very stingy, selfish man who doesn’t know what happiness and politeness are. He only spends hours in his office even during Christmas Eve, for him it’s just another ordinary day which can make him richer. After his work something strange happens. Ebenezer sees his knocker changing into the face of his old business partner who died a few years ago on that day. Scrooge forgot about this incident after some time, but in the evening the same scary ghost comes to his bedroom and tells him that three other spirits are going to visit him and change his behavior. At first the Ghost of Christmas Past comes and it takes Ebenezer to his childhood and youth years. The next ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Present. It shows how people can and should spend Christmas even if they aren’t rich. Our main character finally finds out what happiness really means. The very last spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Future. It shows our main character a terrifying vision of his future if he won’t change. After all the visits Scrooge immediately changes his life for better. He becomes sensitive man, full of warmth and empathy who just wants to help everybody.

I think that it’s a very clever short story which tells us that everybody can change and it depends only on our willingness. I can recommend that book to everyone because of its very universal, timeless moral. And I am pretty sure that it will be a great book for December evenings.



“Dracula” is a book written by an Irish writer Bram Stoker in the nineteenth century. That was actually the first and the most popular book derived from vampire legends and became the basis for whole  genre. This isn’t  just a narrative novel, we can find there letters and fragments of diaries. The main character – Count Dracula – moves from Transylvania to England. He wants to find new people because he needs their blood to exist. But it all began with Jonatan Harker, a young lawyer. He travelled to Romania to Castle of Dracula to work and help Dracula to buy premises. And then it opens up a can of worms. Dracula attacks Lucy Westenra, Jonatan’s friend. The next day she’s very weak and has tiny red marks on her neck. Doctor Van Helsing tries to save her life, she needs blood transfusion. However, she dies a few days later. And who is next? How will the story end? If you are interested, you have to read this book by yourself. And believe me, I’m not really into books, above all fantasy, but I like detective stories and that’s one of them.


Anorexia and bulimia

Anorexia and bulimia are one the increase. The students have read the article to learn what causes so many young people to suffer from these disorders and look at the destructive consequences of them.

Anorexia and bulimia are two the most dangerous eating and mental disorders. They can easily lead to health problems and have higher mortality rate than e.g. schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Anorexia is characterized by a reluctance to eat and excessive underweight. People with this disorder will continuously cut calories and they become dangerously underweight. It is often coupled with excessive exercise. As a result, anorexia sufferers have skeletal appearance and suffer from anxiety and depression. What’s more, their body doesn’t function properly and some bodily functions shut down, which leads to a serious destruction of organism.

Bulimia is a lesser known eating disorder, characterized by excessive eating (binge eating), purging and excessive exercise. Contrary to anorexia, bulimia sufferers often have episodes: sometimes they do not eat at all and sometimes eat too much. As a result, a bulimic person has rotten teeth and stressed organs. They suffer from anxiety and a feeling that their body shape is wrong. However, they do not change their weight drastically and therefore, it is sometimes hard to notice the problem. Bulimics deny themselves that have this eating disorder.

One of the similarities between anorexia and bulimia is the desire to control weight and fixation on the body shape. One of the differences between anorexia and bulimia is that a bulimic person will have normal weight but an anorexia sufferer is underweight. Mostly female teenagers are at risk but eating disorder can affect anyone. It can start as a result of low self-esteem, social pressure and genes. It is not all about skinny look but it is a fixation on body image and obsession with weight.

Noticing those problems is sometimes quite hard but when you think that somebody may suffer, you should contact a professional organization. The sufferers do not always want to talk and sometimes they feel that they control the problem. However, the most serious cases can lead to hospitalization, fatalities or even suicide.

Those disorders affect not only the person who suffers but also their friends and family.




It’s the beginning of the school year but we don’t dawdle or dilly-dally. Being full of beans after summer time motivated us to do something completely different. I encouraged the students to write autobiographical poems to introduce themselves. Poetry a form of written word that has pattern and rhythm and rhyme. It can be serious or it can be fun. Poetry is as creative as you make it. Why don’t YOU try writing a poem?


Friendly, honest, blue-eyed, brown-haired

Daughter of Joanna and Jacek

lover of playing volleyball and meeting her friends

Who feels happy when she plays volleyball and scared when she sees spiders

Who needs more free time and more books

Who gives love and presents to her family

Who fears bad people,spiders and darkness

Who would like to see a famous volleyball player

Resident of Bielsko-Biała, Poland



friendly, communicative, organised, crazy

daughter of Joanna and Marceli, sister of Patrycja and Kamil

lover of animals, fitness and good food

who is  happy when she hangs out with her friends or family

sad when people lie to her

mad when she  does something wrong

who needs to have contact with other people, bed, netflix and something to eat too

who gives support, friendship and love to other people

who is scared of spiders, snakes and darkness

who would like to see life before she was born and her life in 20 years

Resident of Bielsko-Biała



friendly, open, brown – eyed girl with lots of blonde hair.

Sister of Alexandra, daughter of Anna and Artur

lover of COFFEE, listening to music and meeting her friends.

Who feels happy when she can meet her friends, feels bad when she forgets about sth and feels strange when she has to speak in a different language.

Who needs a lot of time to sleep, to feel comfortable and relations with people.

Who gives love to people, presents and smile J

Who wants to see Greece, a concert of her favorite band, Norway

Who fears a speaking in different language, deep water, small rooms.

Resident of B-B, Poland.



Curious, cool, unstable, serious

Brother of Mateusz, and Weronica, son of Jarosław , son of Aneta

Lover of video games, free time, sleeping

Who feels angry when he needs work hard, happy when he finishes work, annoyed when sth annoying happens.

Who needs education, time, help

Who gives satisfaction and asks questions

Who fears wasps, snakes, spiders.

Who would like to see Rio de Janeiro

Resident of Mazańcowice



Blue-eyed, Blond-haired, friendly and a little crazy girl

Sister of Natalia and Kacper, daughter of Monika and Robert.

Lover of contemporary dance, meeting friends and ice skating.

Who feels free when she’s dancing, tired when comes home after training, sad when she’s writing an exam.

Who needs more time with friends and more time for sport.

Who gives love to people and gifts to best friend and family.

Who fears bad people, spiders, small insects.

Who would like to see Thailand, the best dancers.

A resident of Bielsko-Biała in Poland.



Tall, friendly, long-haired, brown-eyed.

Sister of Ania, daughter of Patrycja and Jarek, granddoughter of Danusia, Małgorzata, Roman and Włodek.

Lover of playing with a dog, watching movies and drawing.

Who Fells happy when she is meeting her friends, uncomfortable in public transport and bad when she must get up early .

Who Needs free time, good quality sleep, friends.

Who gives support to her sister, advice to her friends, help to her grandma .

Who fears spiders, being lost in the forest, darkness.

Who would like to see Paris, London, Roma.

Resident of Czechowice-Dziedzice.



Shy, lazy, ordinary, trying to be nice

Sister of Radek, daughter of Renata and Krzysztof

Lover of polaroids, vinyls, books

Who feels nostalgic when hears rain

Who feels stressed when finds herself in a new situation

Who feels depressed when there’s no one around

Who needs love, frendship and positive energy from other people

Who gives lots of hugs and support to friends

Who fears darkness, forests and loneliness

Who would like to see new countries, past and future

Resident of Poland, Bielsko-Biała



Friendly, funny, helpful

Brother of Jasiek

Lover of mountain biking, travelling, sleeping

Who is happy when he meets friends

Who is sad when its rainy

Who is exited when he goes outside with friends

Who needs friends, family and free time

Who can give gifts for special occasions

Who fears death, war and loneliness

Who likes to see friends, familly and house

Resident of Bielsko-Biała



creative, long-haired, tall, sometimes crazy.

Sister of Benio and Magda. Daughter of Wojtek and Ela.

Lover of horse riding, Netflix and coffee :).

Who feels sad because of school (sometimes), happy while being next to close friends, good while having some free time.

who needs coffee, sleep and Netflix (of course),

who gives love, support and free food to people,

who fears lakes, bugs and heights,

who would like to see the Hawaiian Islands, another season of Orange Is The New Black, more good people in the world.

Resident of Bielsko-Biała.



Friendly, funny, a brown-haired and blue-eyed girl

Lover of lollipops, coffee and Netflix

Who is happy when has friends around, sad when is home alone, excited when she wins competitions

Who needs a lot of time to sleep, sweets to be happy, to meet with friends

Who gives smile, good ideas to do something, good advice

Who fears spiders, mosquitoes and scary dolls

Who would like to see friends from Kraków, some new films and Spain

Resident of Poland, Bielsko-Biała



Always smiling, outgoing, messy, friendly

Sister of Adrian, daughter of Aneta and Rafał

Lover of animals, coffee and tv shows

Who is happy when she is going out with her friends, sad when she is alone for too long, excited about changes

Who needs friends, coffee and sleep

Who gives smiles, support and love to others

Who fears bees, spiders and storms

Who would like to see unicorns and the future

Resident of Bielsko-Biała



Lazy, friendly, short

Brother of Julia

Son of Rafał and Beata

Lover of basketball, tennis and spending time with friends

Who is happy when he gets a good mark, sad when he gets a bad mark, nervous before the exam

Who needs free time, family and friends

Who gives love and gifts to people

Who fears snakes and hornets

Who would like to see Michael Jordan

Resident of Bielsko



Vegan, serious and rather pessimistic than optimistic, short

Sister of Iga, daughter of Dorota and Kamil.

Lover of stones, plants and coffee.

Who feels happy when it’s the cloudy weather, especially when it’s cold, tired or moody when it’s hot outside.

Who needs a lot of time being alone, and even more coffee.

Who gives support and advice to others.

Who fears insects, especially cockroaches and spiders.

Who would like to see my cats and my parrot.

Resident of Bielsko-Biała.



Helpful, easy-going, fair and loyal

Daughter of Anna and Piotr.

Lover of skiing, tasty food and Austria.

Who is feels happy when she’s skiing in Austria, can help other people, when everything goes well 🙂 and when she spends time with friends

Who needs the support of other people while taking her daily decisions and good arguments motivate herself

Who helps sad people and friends with homework and supports the homeless

Who fears dark places, strangers and exams

Who would like to see her friend who lives in Austria who she can only see on holidays

Resident of Jaworze



Nice, friendly, positive, quite tall

Lover of music, composing and walks

Who is happy when he writes something that sounds cool, excited when he finds a new band to get inspirations from, sad when he has no money to buy a new CD

Who needs money, guitar, happiness

Who gives positive energy, reasons to smile, advice on different topics

Who fears loneliness, having nothing to eat, living under the bridge

Who would like to see Dave Murray, Glenn Tipton and James Hetfield

Resident of Bielsko-Biała



Friendly, shy, a brown-eyed, brown-haired girl

Daughter of Małgorzta and Henryk

Lover of sport, meeting friends and sleeping

Who feels happy when she meets her friend.

Who feels nervous when she has an exam, shy when she meets new friends

Who  needs phone, bed and friends

Who gives love and books to people.

Who fears bad weather, losing people who she loves and the future.

Who would like to see the Netherlands and her family

Resident of Bielsko Biała



Green-eyed, friendly, always happy, brave

Sister of Krzysztof, daughter of Joanna and Bogdan.

Lover of dogs, painting and reading.

Who thinks that fries are tasty and the world is colorful.

Who needs to feel good colorful things, freedom and peace.

Who tries to give smile to people, great memories and chewing gum.

Who fears war, global warming and bad people

Who would like to see New Zeland, people, who love each other and elephant in trainers.

Resident of Piasek.



Smart, lazy and short;

Brother of Klaudia and Klara, son of Agnieszka and Tomek, grandson of Helena and Henryk and Anna and Henryk;

Lover of food, biology and Greece;

Who is happy when spends time with family, excited when goes to new places and stressed when meets new people;

Who needs coffee, Netflix, bed and food;

Who gives presents, interesting conversations and a helping hand to other;

Who fears hornets and heights;

Who would want to meet Zbigniew Religa, Barack Obama and would want to see Yellowstone;

Resident of Jaworze



Happy, crazy, nice, a blue-eyed boy

Brother of Marta, son of Izabela and Sławek

Lover of basketball, pizza, spending time with friends

Who is happy when he plays basketball, sad when he get bad marks

Who needs to play basketball

Who fears death, changing world

Who wants to see the Eiffel Tower and a famous person

Resident of Bielsko- Biała



Friendly, polite , open and hard-working

daughter of Andrew and Asia

Lover of fruits , animals and music

who fells happy when she has good marks at school

who needs more free time and a calmer life

Who gives good mood

who fears spiders , dark , horrors

Who would like to see her friend

resident of Poland



friendly,sensitive,helpful and hard-working.
Sister of Marysia, daughter of Ewa.
lover of reading books, listening to music and spending time with people she loves.
who fells embarassed when she gets a bad note.
who fells bad when she sees poor people.
who fells happy when she can play the the guitar.
who needs more free time, guitar and good mood.
who gives love, laughter  and trust.
who fears snails, snakes and spiders
who would like to see herself when she is twenty five
resident of Bielsko-Biała



Green-eyed , friendly, tall , funny

Sister of Martyna, daughter of Magda and Marek

lover of films, sports, food,family

who feels happy when she is with friends, sad when she watches a sad movie, hungry when she hasn’t eaten her lunch

who needs bed, best friends Ala and Marika, some music

who gives her hand, time and pens

who fears spiders, small rooms, heights

who wants to see her family, friend, dog

Resident of Bielsko Biała

4 benefits of doodling

Doodling and visual learning are considered to be anti-intellectual and and counter to serious learning. However, doodling has a profound impact on the way that we process information. The students read the article to find out what happens in our brain when we doodle. Read the following review.

the full version of the article can be read on:

you can also watch the video:

This article is about four benefits of doodling. Most people think that doodlers aren”t paying attention or are just daydreaming but studies show that scribbling has many advantages. We are going to focus on the main, four ones.
The first one tells you about how doodling increases creativity. We learn that doodlers use three modalieties (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) simultaneously, so they”re able to process and absorb information much better than non-doodlers.
Secondly, these kinds of people have better memory than people who don”t doodle . Professor Jackie Andrade found out that doodlers remembered things even 30 precent better than other groups of people.
Also, research carried out by the same professor proves you that doodling improves your focus and concetration. It helps your brain pay attention instead of drifting off. Likewise, doodling helps you see ”the big picture”. Another studies claim that scrawling can put you in the perfect spot when you are paying attention and not overthinking things.
When I first read this text I was pleasantly suprised. I”ve always thought of doodling as a distraction from classes I was taking part in. But now I can use it to my advantage to learn better.
I like the way this article was written, too. You can learn new words and every benefit is well explained.
To sum up, the text tells you that doodling isn”t that bad and it describes the benefits of doodling.  I would recommend it to everyone, especially teachers so that they would know that some of their students are learning better while doodling and it shouldn”t be frowned upon.


Read one more review of Dracula. Although it was written more than a hundred years ago, it still arouses strong emotions.

‘Dracula’ is a book written by Irish writer Bram Stoker in 1897. It is not just a continuous narrative novel because it contains letters, fragments of diaries or magazines. It lets the readers see the story from another viewpoint. The book is about the most famous vampire in the world – Count Dracula. At the beginning of the story he was trying to move to England for new virgin’s blood. Fortunately, there are some brave people who want to stop and then kill the monster. It refers to a real story because there was a Romanian Count named Dracula who was a very cruel lord and there was a legend that he was drinking his people’s blood.

I really enjoyed reading that book because I really like the whole fantasy world. I think that it is a story dedicated to people with the same taste. But it isn’t just a fantasy book; it is an adventure and crime story. It keeps you in suspense and makes that you don’t want to put out the light at night. The book’s action is very fast and there are a lot of unexpected plot twists.

In the story we can find a few characters – a young lawyer – Jonathan Harker, an aristocrat – Arthur Holmwood, a doctor – John Seward, two young girls – Lucy Westenra and Mina Harker and Dracula of course. All of them are very characteristic. The readers would really like these young, brave people because they are good and innocent. The opposite of them is a vampire – a ruthless monster who creates another monsters. I’m sure that there is no person who doesn’t know what Dracula looks like. He has very pale (maybe even white) skin, sharp fangs and red eyes. That knowledge lets the readers better imagine him in that story.

In conclusion, I think that ‘Dracula' is a book which is worth reading. It can be interesting for the fans of crime stories, adventures, fantasy or even horrors! Furthermore, it is a timeless work and everyone should know the original story of a legendary bloodsucking monster.


We need an education system that excites children

Recently I’ve read an article about our current education system. Our teaching methods are not good enough. The world is progressing really fast and it’s hard to keep up with it . In this article, Andy Powell, the CEO of independent education foundation Edge, compares today’s education to a factory. Students are placed on a learning conveyor belt, sorted, packed and labelled based on their „intelligence”.  Today children have to learn about things that they will never use in their lives. Things that sometimes are even useless. They don’t have an opportunity to develop their skills or talents. But these things should be our priorities. Teachers and principals often forget that every child is different. One child can learn fast while another one can be a little bit slower. Some people can prefer learning by doing rather than reading about theory. Of course it isn’t possible to adjust the whole system to everyone. At least we can try to make our system better at helping students learn faster and be more effective. To sum up, we need to focus on developing children’s talents and show them that learning can also be fun. We need to show children that knowledge can change the world. We have schools full of amazing people with big ambitions and passions, people who can make a big difference, but they have to adjust to one-size-fits-all education system that does not enable them to thrive in their own way. Education system limits their development and therefore, it needs to be changed. The best idea is to combine theory with practice. In the article we can read about 6 ways our education systems needs to change. I won’t describe it exactly as in the article, but I just want to tell a couple words about them. These six steps are focused on 6 changes that need to be introduced, so our education system could be much better. These recommendations are dived into 4 „categories”. One for children before 14, for 14- year-old teenagers, one for those who are 16 years old and one for 18-year- old students. At the end its shows how important it is to know theory about what you do but also how important experience is. These two things don’t need to be separated. The author of the article also mentions the importance of apprenticeship, choosing right pathways and developing life skills.

We don’t know if these ideas will ever be used but at least we can try to introduce a lot of small changes. If you want to find out more I really recommend reading this article. It’s worth your time.


’Western society is chronically sleep deprived': the importance of the body’s clock

Often referred to as the „body clock,” the circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep, rise, and eat—regulating many physiological processes. This internal body clock is affected by environmental cues, like sunlight and temperature, and determines whether one feels wide-awake and energized or tired and depleted at different times of the day. The students have read the articles to find out more about our body’s clock. Read their reviews. To read the whole article go to:

Review 1

Nowadays the importance of the body’s clock is popular in our society. People are more and more interested in testing their own body; however, they don’t think about the consequences. Tiredness and lack of sleep can lead to cardiovascular diseases. So what should we do better? Hannah’s Devlin psychological novel entitled “Western society is chronically sleep deprived” lets us understand what the body’s clock is. The concept of internal body clock might not sound new because people know about the cycle of day and night on our planet. Thanks to science we can answer hard questions and produce ingenious answers. This allowed scientists to explain how plants, animals and humans adapt their biological rhythm to the Earth’s movements. They discovered the same gene exists in mammals.  In modern lifestyles people are not constrained by sunrise or sunset but artificial light from fluorescent lights or smartphones influences their daily functions. A whole day spent in a dimly lit office affects our wellbeing or can make us feel sleepy. Scientists  welcome this new awareness. They say that sleep hygiene has been overlooked for a long time as a real public health problem. The research shows that 40% of 18-29 year- olds in the U.S don’t get enough sleep each night. The most common mistake is that people think that they do not have to follow the rules of biology, and can just eat, drink, sleep, play, or work whenever they want. Not living according to the natural circadian cycle can have long-term health consequences. Tiredness inhibits our daily needs, in fact it makes us feel bad. This discovery can help to understand why jet lag, which is connected with a change of time, makes us feel so bad.  Schools are experimenting with later school days, better alighted with the teenage body clock. It can be a good idea because students will be more rested and powerful and their marks will better. However, nowadays a lot of people use supplements to help them sleep. Studies suggest that consumers will have spent $52 billion a year on sleep-related products by 2020. What is more, almost 29 percent of Americans reported having a hard time keeping their eyes open while they were driving.  In the US there is over one a half  thousand fatalities every year from drowsy driving. The data is so scary, how will it end if people keep fighting against their own body’s clocks? To sum up, the article is really interesting and it lets us get to know how dangerous lack of sleep is. I was not aware of the body’s clock and how many people have a problem with sleeping, which is necessary for a happy life. I recommend the article “Western society is chronically sleep deprived” to everyone who has a problem with tiredness or thinks that the less you sleep, the more things you can do. It is definitely worth reading.

Review 2

The articles I have read are about the importance of the body’s clock and how bad sleeping patterns can affect our wellbeing. The article ’Night Owls' Shouldn’t Be Made to Work Mornings makes us aware of the fact that the brains of people who feel most energetic in the morning – so called “morning larks” are wired differently to so-called “night owls.”

Forcing owls to live like a so-called “morning lark” can negatively affect their brain function and productivity. Working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. may be detrimental for an individual whose biological preference is for a late sleep-wake cycle.

The second article informs us that most people don’t really care about the rules of good sleep even if they are very simple to follow. A lot of people sleep less or more than 7 to 8 hours or they binge eat just before going to bed. When we do that kind of stuff we usually suffer from tiredness during the day. When people don’t care about good sleep they have to take sleeping pills and they are less productive during working hours. It’s hard to change those patters but it’s possible. The real problem starts when we disrupt our internal body clock. Every single human has different biological preferences which are connected with clock genes that control our circadian rhythm.

Three scientist from America identified a period gene that controls the rhythm of a living organism’s daily life. Those scientist also discovered that the same gene exists in mammals. This problem had been overlooked for a long time as a real public health problem and it was stated that all of western society was chronically sleep deprived. A lot of people still aren’t aware of the consequences caused by not living according to the natural circadian cycle. Clock genes are active in almost every cell type in the body and they are waiting for daily needs. Most people think that they don’t need to follow the rules of biology and their ignorance causes health problems, not only mental but also physical like dementia or diabetes. Those scientists are helping people to understand the issue of bad sleeping patters, which can help to reduce sleep disorders around the world.

Thanks to those articles people are more aware of their biological clock. Employers are starting to be more flexible when they shift the schedule and even schools are experimenting with later school days, which can affect teenagers in a good way.



Dracula, Gothic novel by Bram Stoker, was the most popular literary work derived from vampire legends and became the basis for an entire genre of literature and film. Read the student’s review….. you can also be completely lost in the story.

Dracula is a novel written in 1897 by Irish author Bram Stoker. The story is told as a series of letters and diary entries with the narrator’s support. It introduced the character of Count Dracula who is a vampire. He tries to move from Transylvania to England to look for new blood and spread immortal curse. However, things go wrong because a few men ruin his plan.

To be honest, I don’t like fantasy books. I adore reading but things about love, famous people, criminal riddles, or even historical facts – everything except for horrors. The truth is I’ve read this book to take part in English competition. Surprisingly, the story turned out to be interesting, fascinating and breathtaking at the same time! The action was dynamic and changing quite often in an unexpected way. It’s worth paying attention to details described with huge imagination.

Another great thing in this book are created characters. Every single feature of each person is refined. That lets us visualize their behavior really realistically. The best example is Dracula – everyone knows what he looked like (he had red eyes and sharp fangs) and what he was doing (drank blood and lived in a coffin). These things make him one of the most popular scary creatures in the world. According to me the best hero of the novel was Doctor van Helsing – a really smart, educated and ingenious man who always knew what to do.

To sum up, I can recommend reading this book. It isn’t too long and you’ll read every next page very quickly. I suppose everyone has heard about Dracula’s existence but do you know the whole story? You should! My advice is to read it in original version (in English) to feel special vibe because the translations or sequels could transform the real plot. Enjoy reading the book!


’Night Owls' Shouldn’t Be Made to Work Mornings as Their Brains Are Wired Differently, Scientists Warn

The article I have read was about night owls, how they function and why those people shouldn’t work during normal working hours.

The reason why some people feel most lively in the morning while others are at their best in the evening is that their brains are wired differently. The researchers investigated how being a morning lark or a night owl affected functional connectivity. The study involved 38 participants who were asked to wear sensors for 13 to 16 days. Their saliva was collected every day in the morning, afternoon and evening, and tested for levels of hormones melatonin and cortisol. They were also doing tests for their reaction time. The results showed that owls were struggling with slower reaction times in the morning and sleepiness during normal working hours. Morning people felt more eager to work in the morning and owls felt the best at around 8 p.m. However, the authors says that to understand the cause of all these patters we need more research.

Dr. Elise Facer-Childs who lead the research said that there was a critical need to understand those issues in order to minimize health risks and maximize workers’ productivity. She also said that night owls were usually trying to fit into a normal working day while their biological preference was for a late sleep-wake cycle.

“The world we live in is more geared up to early birds than to night owls who are exposed to a higher risk of dying and higher rates of condition such as diabetes by trying to fit into the external word” says Jessica Alexander a spokesperson for the Sleep Council.

The authors say that people whose body clock is more of a night owl should be able to shift their schedules to protect their physical and mental health.


Idiom challenge

There are a great number of idioms in the English language, but some are rarely used. We are inquisitive so we have read the article to find out what idioms are used on a daily basis. After all, if you are going to make an effort to learn a set of English idioms, you want those idioms to be useful. If you want to know what idioms are common in contemporary, conversational English, read our stories.

Story 1

For Jack ballet it’s not rocket science. When he got the lead role in a new performance, he felt overconfident and bit off more than he could chew. Before the show, his friend Kate wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t act like a star because doing it he would tempt fate! However, she only bit her tongue and said „Break a leg!”. It came true, she hit the nail on the head and he really twisted his ankle! The pirouette got out of hand and Jack fell down. He was feeling under the weather because the injury wasn’t a piece of cake. Jack was more a glass-half-empty person than usual. Later Kate visited him in hospital and while she was talking with poor Jack she said that he had to pull himself together.

Story 2

My friend is always a glass-half-full person. She is the biggest optimist that I know. She sometimes bites off more than she can chew but she never gives up. One day I was worried about my grade and she told me to pull myself together. She was right, it wasn’t a big deal. However, she has also a small problem as her eyes are bigger than her stomach. In the restaurant she always orders too much. Recently she has graduated from college and she is applying for a new job. I wish her breaking a leg! My second best friend is Dave. He lives in a hurry so he is almost always late. He often kills two birds with one stone. He isn’t a well-organized person and I often want to tell him that he should get his act together. Luckily, I can bite my tongue.

 Story 3

Last week I had to play the lead role in a school show. I had to learn the lines and I was talking about that with my dad. I was feeling down and he told me to pull myself together. When I was ready to go, I saw that we were late. We made it by the skin of our teeth. I went into the classroom where the  show was supposed to take place, but there was nobody in the classroom. I panicked and started running all around the school looking for my classmates. I found them and it was time to go on stage. My friends told me to break my leg. After all it was a piece of cake so after the whole day of behaving  like a glass-half-empty person I was happy. The best is that after the show we had pizza but my eyes were bigger then my stomach and I felt sick after eating too much.

 Story 4

Jenny is a very creative, ambitious and always glass-half-full person. She always goes like a bomb. So when she heard about a competition that could help her obtain a great position in the company ideal for her, she decided to kill two birds with one stone. This meant she wanted to win the event, receive a prize  and get this new job. Firstly, she thought that it was not rocket science, it was just a piece of cake but later it got out of hand. She made a perfect presentation. Unfortunately, the next day her laptop crashed. And this opened up a can of worms. She was really depressed about it as she bit off more than she could chew. She didn’t want to continue her project so I told her to pull herself together. I hit the nail on the head, I promised to help her and we saw eye to eye. And this is how this story ended: she made the best presentation and got this job!


A little reading is all the therapy a person needs sometimes.

Read students’ reviews as well as some interesting articles to develop your language skills. Our aim is to encourage you to read more books as well as articles in English.

 You can teach yourself to be a risk-taker.

We have been talking about taking a risk on our English lesson. Risk  is the possibility of losing something valuable. Values (such as physical health, social status, emotional well-being, or financial wealth) can be gained or lost when taking a risk resulting from a given action or inaction, foreseen or unforeseen. Risk can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty. Uncertainty is a potential, unpredictable, and uncontrollable outcome; risk is a consequence of action taken in spite of uncertainty.

It is said that taking risks is an essential part of getting ahead in today’s world. The article we have read answers a few questions: do both genders have similar appetites for risk? Is everybody a natural risk-taker? What can you do if that’s not your style, how can you become more comfortable with leaping into the unknown? For those who are not natural risk-takers, there are a few ways to make yourself more comfortable with taking a chance. Can you teach yourself to be a risk-taker? Read the article and find out!


Challenge yourself

I’ve recently read the article entitled “Challenge yourself” which was written by Colm Flynn. The topic of the article was really interesting, especially for the students like us. The article is about the awards program that you can join.

The awards have four parts: developing a physical skill and a personal skill, community service and an adventure. Thanks to the organizations mentioned in the article like The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Britain or Gaisce in Ireland, everybody between 14 and 24 can take part in the program. If there is someone who is interested in taking part in this adventure, he must find an adult who was trained by the award organization system and who is willing to help him or her throughout the challenge. If you want to win the challenge you must be really determined and hardworking.

If you’re looking for some motivation, you should read about some people, who have achieved their goals. Michelle Burns is fifteen and did the silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. She joined the fire brigade! To prepare for the program she started taking care of her health and started running and cycling. Alan Foley is 19 years old and he got the highest level of awards, which is a gold medal. He worked with disabled kids and he really enjoyed it. Alan also learned how to drive and play tennis. He met a lot of nice people. He also kayaked down the White Nile River in Uganda.

Most people stay in their comfort zones. Why? Well, in my opinion there are a lot of reasons. The world is developing very fast and sometimes it can weigh us down. Some people are too scared but most of the time they are just too lazy. I think that we should broaden our knowledge and try new experiences. These people put a lot of effort to better their lives and better the lives of others. You can change yourself too and you can achieve everything you want…if you just want to and you are ready to work hard.

If you would like to know more about it you should read this article.

In my opinion it is really well-written and it’s worth taking a couple of minutes from your day and read it to the end. It can teach you a short but important lesson – don’t wait, live your life.

After I had read the article, I watched a short video about the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. I just wanted to find out more about it. The video is short and lasts almost 4 minutes. It shows how all the organizations of this kind work. One of the most important things about this kind of education is that the classes don’t look like the classes in normal schools. Most of them are conducted outdoors. Some people were talking about their feelings and thoughts related with the organization. Everybody seems very happy and we can also tell that they are proud of themselves and they have great time together. There is also one more benefit about this kind of programs. You can meet different people from different countries. It’s a totally new experience. The video shows people who are doing a lot of interesting things, helping others, it shows people who enjoy their passions. This advertisement is well made. The soundtrack makes it even more motivating and appealing. In my opinion this advertisement is perfect and it shows everything it should. I think that a lot of people would love it. If you want to find out if I’m right you should check it out. It’s worth your time.


Adventure sports – fun or too risky? 

I’ve read a few articles about extreme sports. Nowadays people are more and more interested in extreme sports. I’ve learnt that they don’t think about the consequences of taking up adventure sports because it’s all about the feeling of adrenaline and the constant fight against your own weaknesses. Why are extreme sports so popular in the world if they can be really dangerous?

First of all, extreme sports can change and form person’s character. The viewers usually try to feel the same feeling as their idols. They set their own limits and can overcome their mental disabilities. This kind of sport can help to overcome own fears.

Secondly, if something is dangerous it is usually more interesting. Everyone likes watching something amazing and practically impossible to do.Most fans follow this sport even though it leads to death due to the player’s mistake. It doesn’t mean that people like to see death, they simply want to devote their life to passion.

Thirdly, extreme sports also allow people to view the world in a completely different way and their emotions are connected with fear and happiness. Therefore, they help us release more adrenaline. Consequently, people can reach new goals and feel  great satisfaction. Extreme sports let us experience exciting adventures.

On the other hand, extreme sports are not always as dangerous as we think. For example: rock climbing can be a hobby which gives the feeling of relaxation  and more personal space. Also, when we do extreme sports we don’t remember about daily problems.

To sum up, the popularity of extreme sports results from a great need  to overcome own fears and weaknesses. Extreme sports are gaining popularity in our society. It’s good to feel adrenaline that can make us brave and happy. It’s good to unleash our potential.

If you are interested to find out more go to: