The Reviews written by Ms Kajor’s Students

I can’t make it up by Kevin Hart

I can’t make this up is a book about the life of one of the greatest comedian in the world Kevin Hart. It shows us the hard times of his career as well as achievements from his perspective. The whole book is written in extremely hilarious way but it consists hight value stories and thoughts. The path to the place where he’s now was tough e.g he was thrown a tomato sos on his face during one of his performance. He did’t pass the test after graduating high school which actually didn’t close the doors to his career.

The book has 401 pages but listening to it takes sth about 12 hour and is read by Kevin Hart. I really recommend this book.




I have read a book from F. Scott Fitzgerald ”The Great Gatsby”.

The narrator of the story is Nick Carraway, a young man that has just came from the World War and decided to settle down in ”West Egg” that was 20 miles away from New York City, where Nick was working and learning about the bond business.

His neighors were very rich and each had huge, beautiful villa. One of them was the titular Gatsby.

Gatsby has organized parties every week. The parties were sumptuous, luxourious and full of splendor. At the end of the book it turns out that those were orginezed only for the women he loved – Daisy

Daisy was Nick’s cousin that lived on the other side of the bay. She shared with Gatsby their past. They used to be in a close relationship but when Gatsby flew out to Europe to fight in the War, she married another man.

The book tells the story of Daisie’s and Gatsby’s meeting again and what circumstances are connected with it.

I recommend reading this book to everyone who likes the style of 20s of the last century. You can learn and see how it was to live in the U.S.A. during prohibition.




“Pride and prejudice” is a romantic novel written by Jane Austen and published anonymously in 1813. It has become a classic of English literature with over 20 million copies sold.

It is a humorous story about love and life among English gentility during the Georgian era. Mr. Bennet lives in Hertfordshire with his hypochondriac wife. They have 5 daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. Unfortunately for the Bennets, if Mr. Bennet dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin, because the property can only be passed from male heir to male heir. As a result, family’s future happiness is dependent on the daughters making good marriages. The arrival in the neighbourhood of the rich gentleman Mr. Bingley changes the life of the Bennets. Mr. Bingley brings with him his sister and a close friend – very rich but also very proud Mr. Darcy. Jane falls in love for Mr. Bingley, but Elizabeth finds Mr. Darcy a snobbish man and swears to loathe him forever. This in only the beginning of their wonderful story.

The greatest strength of this book is that it revolves around the importance of marrying for love, not simply for economic gain or social prestige. My only criticism would be that descriptions are sometimes a little bit too long.

I highly recommend this book as it is an interesting insight into what women’s life was like in 1800s.



„Love Story” Erich Segal

The main characters of the short novel are two Harvard students. Oliwier Barett IV met Jennifer Cavilleri when he wanted to use the library of the female part of the university. There were many of them – he was the son of rich parents, her mother died when she was little and her father of Italian descent raised her in the Catholic religion.
Oliver and Jenny loved each other very much and could be happy. But fate did not favor them.

This book is almost a classic element of compulsory sentimental education. Some may complain about a simple plot, an uncomplicated form, but I think it comes from the fact that they would not be able to write such a poignant story about the power of youthful feelings themselves. Erich Segal’s „Love Story” moved me and I liked it very much.
The book defends itself primarily with brilliant dialogues. Its strength lies in simplicity, limiting the plot and skillful creation of the mood – Olivier’s beloved is dead, and he talks about it in a way that cannot fail to touch the human being.

In my opinion, „Love Story” is a book worth knowing and remembering. It is intended for lovers of romance and books with elements of romance.
I especially recommend it to people who like to relax and rest at the book and dream about perfect love.



”Becoming Michelle Obama” is a biography of The First lady of United States of America who was also the first woman to be a First Lady of USA. Whole book desribes us how she managed to achieve so much in her life.It is separated into 3 chapters which tell us chronologically about her, her family and her career. I recommend this book for all people who need something to motivate them. This book is not hard to read, language used in it is very accurate to the reader needs so you don’t have to be a master in english to read it. In my opinion this book is really motivating and surprising how not so far ago people had to live treated like animals just because of their skin color.



Call Me By Your Name review

The author of the book: „Call Me By Your Name” written in 2007, André Aciman, was raised in Egypt, Alexandria. He is currently 68 years old and works as a professor at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, where he teaches the history of literary theory. Call Me By Your Name tells a story of a romance that blossoms between two Jewish men in the summer of 1983 in Northern Italy. In 2017 it has beed adapted to a movie by the same title, directed by Luca Guadagnino, and became an international phenomenon, bringing the book much fame.

The main characters are Elio and Oliver. The former is a 17-year-old boy, and Oliver is a 24-year-old American scholar, that stays over the summer at Elio’s parents' to finish revising his manuscript. Elio is the narrator, he tells the whole story in a form of recalling memories of that summer they spent together. It gives us insight in how he thinks about it years after the episode, and gives the book a very poetic and melancholic taste, which is one of the biggest strengths of the book.

Both man are the opposite of each other, Oliver being carefree, confident and frank about himself, and Elio being introverted and conflicted with his own feelings. For the most part of the book and Oliver’s stay, Elio switches between the need to have a special relationship with the older man, and fearing the outcome. Due to many situations that bring them closer and apart, the plot takes the reader for a long and intriguing journey, that not many writers are brave enough to put in words so honestly.

To sum up, the book is a unique example of sending a message about accepting feelings that everyone has, and that to express our needs, both physical and psychological, is to brake boundaries that the society puts on us. On the other hand the book is not for someone very sensitive as there is no lack of sexual encounter, and the love of those two people is not platonic at all. Despite everything I respect the author for giving me a chance to reconcile my feelings and worries about love and the question if it’s worth experiencing various feelings such as pain and longing. The recompense shows it it.



Thirteen reason why

Thirteen Reasons is a book by Jay Asher. It was released in 2017. This is a book intended primarily for teenagers.

The main character Clay, returning home from school, finds a strange package in front of the house. There are thirteen numbered cassettes inside. The boy playing the first cassette recognize the voice of his friend. Hannah committed suicide for an unknown reason two weeks earlier. She cut her veins. Clay was shocked to hear her voice but also happy to hear her. It turned out that each cassette is another reason why the girl did it. Hannah has been hurt, humiliated and deceived many times by school people. Clay becomes a guide to the suffering of a teenage girl. He looks for answers in the dark corners of the city, following Hannah’s voice. It turns out that there are not really thirteen reasons, but thirteen people because of which the girl lost her will to live. The boy begins to blame all the people whose name is listed in the cassettes. However, it turns out that he is one of the reasons for the girl’s death.

Thirteen Reasons is a book that touches on very frequent contemporary events. School conflicts, ostracism in young society towards new peers, sexual abuse and problems of teenagers that are ignored by adults. It was, is and always will be in the lives of teenagers. Certain problems, raised by the main character, in her perspective ruin her world, destroy the order of everyday life. The eyes of an adult give the impression that the reasons he mentions are the prose of life. That this is how the world looks: lying, dirty, polluted with bad motives, full of lack of heroism. One can get the impression that the girl simply cannot cope with the problems. On the other hand, these dismissive approaches drastic decisions of young people. For us teenagers it is a whole world that is falling apart. I think the biggest downside of this book is that it shows that the final solution is to take your own life, which is not good. Teenagers reading this who have the same problems as Hannah may find that there is no hope for them to have a better life.

I think it’s worth reading this book because it solves many of the problems that today’s youth face. After reading it, we have many thoughts about life. Every teenager, sooner or later, will meet with unhappy love, addictions, physical or mental violence or even sexual violence. I think it’s worth reading and finding out how we should react in different situations.


The book i have read is Ediths Wharton’s novel “The age of innocence”. It was written in 1920 and in 1921 won The Pulitzers award.

It tells a story of a young lawyer Newland Archer, who seems to be happily engaged to May Welland. May is perfect for her times-she’s polite, calm and without any sense of self, what Newland begins to see after he meets her controversial cousin Ellen Olenska.

Ellen has left his husband and came to New York, what makes her atypical for people living there. She wants Newland to help her with divorce, but he tells her to not do this.

Gradually they fall in love, even though Newland is still going to get married.

I think it’s weak points is the fact that the growth of relationship between Archer and Ellen is not really showed. Some of their actions seemed just ridiculous for me because of the lack of information.

On the upside the book touches universal topics, like what to do when everything seems bad? Is it fine to sacrifice your happiness for social life?


The author of the book „The Little Prince” is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who writing, drew inspiration from his experience as a sky traveler. He dedicated the book to his friend, who lived in France, where he suffered from hunger and cold through the war.

The narrator-pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in the Sahara desert. During the repair of the plane, he saw a mysterious fair-haired boy who introduced himself as a resident of the asteroid B-612 and wished that the pilot would draw him a lamb. This is how their friendship began. The Little Prince told the pilot about visits to different planets:
– Planet 325 is inhabited by a king who has no one to rule,
– Planet 326 lives by the vain,
– Planet 327 lives by a drunk who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking,
– Planet 328 was inhabited by a businessman who wanted to own all the stars,
– Planet 329 is inhabited by a lighthouse keeper who turned off and turned on the light every minute because the day on his planet was so short,
– Planet 330 inhabited by a Geographer who had no discoverer, so he had no way to write maps.
Little Prince told him about feelings for his rose too, About friendship with the fox, and about meeting the snake. According to the Little Prince, „adults are very strange” – they can’t enjoy the world, they still calculate something or lie to themselves. Only the pilot turned out to be an adult who can think and feel like a child. Finally came the moment of separation – the Little Prince went to the snake who was supposed to bite him, and then he could move back to his planet. The narrator still recalls meeting with the Little Prince, under the influence of which he regained the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a child who sees and understands more than adults.

This is a sensational parable for children as well as for adults.  Matters raised in it are close to everyone. We all looking for friendship and love and learn to gain these values. The way Little Prince looks at life shows how busy we are in these times, and suggests us to pay attention to things that are „less important”.

The book is easy to read, the style is original and light, and the language very simple, which allows children to understand the text. A child will understand this work differently than an adult but will also learn a lot from it.

Reading „The Little Prince” is worth recommending. An interesting topic raised in this book encourages you to read. It helps adults understand how important friendship and love are. „The Little Prince” is a child’s assessment of the modern world. It is also a book containing universal truths about human existence, attitudes towards life and the turn of fate. In my opinion, this is an excellent book that every person should read, regardless of age.




             “The Private Life of Adam and Eve: Being” is an apocryphal story by Mark Twain – American writer, known for his works: “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” or “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”.

Ironic short story, set in Eden – the Paradise – refers to the Bible, to its characters.

“The Private Life…” is a book containing two previous works. “Extracts from Adam’s Diary” and “Eve’s Diary”, bond as one, create enormously beautiful and funny story.

The main characters are a couple, Adam and Eve, living in Eden, after Eve was created. The first half of the book is told in the first person by Adam. He tells us the story of Eve, mainly by… complaining. Actually, he can’t stand her strange habits, for example giving names to everything she sees.

The second part, told by Eve, is also written in a form of a diary. It gives us a brief summary of her perception. Trying to understand the world, she doesn’t know why Adam ignores her.

Not only is the story about first people thought-provoking, but it’s also hilarious. You can read it in an hour and I’m sure that tears in your eyes will appear at least twice – from laughter and also because this little, innocent book is extremely touching.

Never in my all life have I read such a short book, including so many deep thoughts.

Even though we know Adam and Eve are going to be exiled from Eden, their story is unpredictable and surprising. It’s not a story about the loss of paradise – it is about building relations between people, appreciating each other.

The great strength of the book is how it communicates the most important – for all the people – values in a comic way. By teaching that you don’t need everything to have Everything, it became one of the greatest stories I’ve ever read. I recommend it with all my heart.



The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, written by J. R. R. Tolkien is fantasy book. It tells story about hobbit, known as Bilbo Baggins, who travelled the world with group of dwarfs and a wizard. He had many interesting adventures including fights with trolls, mountain giants and talking to a dragon. One of the best things about that book is constant action, there’s always something going on. Another advantage is the fact that everything is really well explained so you won’t get lost in a big plot. Hobbit is mainly book for teenagers and younger people overall, however there are still some elderly people enjoying it. Really important thing in Hobbit is main character transition. From lazy, repetitive and quite boring person, Bilbo Baggins becomes adventurous, interesting guy. It can show us how everyone can change their behaviour if they really want it. Overall Hobbit is really interesting book and I’d definitely recommend everyone to read it.


On the Good Book Day I’ve prepared a presentation about the book „Japonisme” by Erin Niimi Longhusrt. The book is about Japanese habits, rituals and philosophies about life and emotions. You can find out from it a lot of habits, that are helpful in stress reducment. It show’s how to appreciate every single moment of your life, to see beauty in imperfection and in time-passing. After, reading this, I’ve understood what mindfulness (very improtant japanese tradition ) is about. Erin Niimi Longhurst has very mixed origin, but her mother is japanese. The author lived in Seoul, London and New York City, but she had very strong connection to her Japanese family, becouse of japanese habits an rituals that help her in her daily life.She feels good in Japan, that’s why she wanted to share her knowladge about this country. The book contains beutifull photos of Tokio and Japan landscape. I think our life is very vibrant nowadays, and we have a lot of thoung on our mind, that;s why „Japonisme” is worth being read. It’s not cure for evertyhing, but for sure it won’t harm you. I’ve learnt a lot on new vocabulary and culture of country which I’m interested in, so reading it was very good fun for me!


Candy is one of the most powerful books about addiction you can get. Luke Davis tells us the story of a cute couple who got their lifes ruined by drugs. The sick monotony and need of the drug is shown in such a painful and exhausting way you can almost feel the cold sweats which the characters get when they are out of heroine. They way he describes the problem is so detail and precise you feel like you’re talking to a junkie telling his sad story. The author in one moment makes us feel bad for the characters and the second later we are just angry at them that they had another detox attempt and once again it didn’t work out. This method makes us realize that it isn’t a addiction but pure slavery. The book is vulgar, dirty, direct, uncompromising and hard hitting just like the way this problem should be shown. He manages to find the perfect mixture of showing how does the addiction mechanism work and leading the plot in such a interesting way we won’t be able to go to sleep without our daily dose of „Candy”. I definitely recommend this book to anyone no matter if you’re connected to the problem or inrestet in it. The story of two people connected by love which was replaced by drugs is a roller-coaster of emotions which will leave us gob-smacked and concerned.



The importance of reading books

Nowadays reading is not extremely common.

People say that they are too busy for it. They prefer watching tv to reading books despite that books give us planty of valuable things. My parents read me books when I was a child.  Not a lot since I did’t want them to read me a lot. I was a child who preferred movies to books. Fortunately There came a moment when I came to like reading. In school was a lot of set-books. I tried to read majority of them. There was one book that stuck in my head. It was ”The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. I had read it within 2 days. I got totally engrossed in this book. ”Hobbit”, was also a great book. Nowadays I read fantasy books or some dissertations. For me Books are great to relax before going to bed. I try to read 10 pages every day. It does not always work for sometimes I’ve got to study to school. Books are important for me. They develop our imagination, creativity and as a result serendipity (it’s good  luck that makes you find something interesting or valuable by chance). Books also tell more detailed stories.

Sadly there is less and less people who read. Those people say that they don’t have enough time. One person once said ”if you are so busy that you don’t have 10 minutes a day to read you don’t have life”. I think there is a bit of truth.



The importance of reading books

Reading books is well-known activity, for all age categories. Starting from young kids, who just learned how to read, ending on elder people, everyone can find this calm pastime pleasurable and interesting.

As for me, I started reading at very young age.

Actually, I used to read way more when I was younger than now. Probably it was just because I had more time back then.

But as I remember, I’ve always loved feeling of being totally engrossed in books. My first experience with books started when my family members used to read me tales. Then I started reading by myself, when I finally learned how to do it.

Speaking of set books, I need to admit that I really liked some of them, but mostly, they were rather boring. One my favorites was ’Hobbit’, which I really loved. The plot and characters were both great. However, I remember that I really disliked ‘Quo Vadis’. In my opinion it was boring and uninteresting, especially for someone at a young age.

My favourite books are definitely fantasy ones. I love being able to ’dive into’ other world and be completely lost in it.

Personally, I think that reading is, and will always be something very important, even with all technologies coming recently. It greatly develops imagination and ways of thinking. Reading will always be something valuable and respected. Some people are worried that new generation will stop reading, but in my opinion nothing like this is going to happen. I still see tons of people in bookshops, so lack of reading isn’t going to be problem anytime soon!